Destination Shoots

I specialize in destination photography, using natural light sources to capture the essence of a place –– from every day scenes and cultural activities, festivals and music events.

Examples of travel photography produced include:

  • Illustration of articles (print + digital)
  • Photo essays
  • Targeted destination shoots 
  • Boutique resort photography
  • Environmental portraits
  • Concert and festival photography

You can view my portfolio samples here, or browse through my illustrated articles, books and blog



One-on-one Workshops and Photo Walks

If you are serious about learning the fascinating craft of travel photography and want individualized sessions, book a one-on-one travel photography lesson –– online -- or as a one-on-one photo walk when I am in the Dominican Republic or Belize. 

I have nine years of experience as a travel photographer, have published work in numerous outlets, and taught as Guest Faculty for the Matador Network's Travel Photography digital course. I can teach you the basics, so you can continue to practice on your own, or we can devise a regularly-scheduled sessions. The choice is yours! 

To get the ball rolling, book a 60-minute introductory photo lesson below (there are 2 options––online or in person). Then send me a message with details on your background, location, and photo equipment you have and use (the point is to use what you have).

If you are booking an individual photo walk, and would like it to take place within 2 weeks, please message me first to ensure availability and location, as I travel often for my guidebook assignments. From there, we will select the ideal date based on our respective locations and calendars. Be sure not to forget your accompanying note with details! I will confirm receipt and be in touch within 48 hours.

Photography Workshops/Lessons