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Moon Dominican Republic (First edition 2016, Moon Guides)

This brand new guidebook on the Dominican Republic released in November 2016. I wrote it from scratch, and it contains my best tips and a selection of sights, activities, food and lodging across the DR's six primary regions. Focused on first-time visitors and cultural immersion, the guidebook also highlights the best ways to experience this beautiful and dynamic, geographically diverse Latin country–the #1 destination in the Caribbean.

Background information on culture, food, history and getting around the various areas, is included. The book is in full color, illustrated with the best of my Dominican Republic photography. Expect my custom itineraries, including lists on the best beaches according to your interests–you won't find this anywhere else–and best tours in each region, among other details.



Moon Belize (11th edition 2015, Moon Guides)

This is the most current edition of MOON BELIZE, released in November 2015, and the most frequently updated of all the guidebooks on Belize. It's my second edition and it is in full color, filled with the best of Belize–from culture to the great outdoors, food and and lodging. I share my favorite places, custom itineraries such as a 14-day cultural tour, including best dive and snorkeling sites, as well as background on the various regions.

I've explored Belize over numerous long term stays, for several years in a row–including a three month stint as a sponsored writer, photographer and blogger in residence with the Belize Tourism Board. Feel free to consult the reviews from the first edition of Moon Belize, and view additional Belize material on my blog.




"I live in Belize and I am not surprised that Lily has not only captured the best and the most comprehensive look at our Country, but she has managed to capture the spirit that is Belize. [S]he hits the nail on the head for everything that is special about this tiny country... Her photographs are brilliant and her writing style is easy and straight forward. This is the ultimate Belize bible and I highly recommend it." - Jackie F.

Moon Belize Cayes


Moon Belize Cayes (First edition 2014, Moon Guides)

This first edition focuses on Belize's offshore cayes or islands–from Ambergris Caye all the way down to the deep souther Sapodilla Cayes. The book is in full color–filled with dreamy island photos. It includes an Underwater Marine Life guide in the front of the book, including where to stay, eat, or rent an island. Mainland jump off points are also included, such as Cayo, Dangriga and Placencia. 









"I bought all three travel books on Belize I could find, wanting to squeeze every bit of fun that I possibly could for my 12 days in Belize. The Moon book BY FAR was the best book (better than Fodor’s or Lonely Planet) in my opinion. If all Moon books are written as well and concise as this one then I will buy a Moon book for every trip in the future. A minister at my church calls me "the fun maximizer", but the Moon Belize Handbook written by Lebawit Lily Girma takes it to a whole new level.  I’d like to thank her for all the hard work putting together such a travel treasure!" - Bret L.

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Jamaica's Best Beaches (First edition, Ebook/Kindle)

From beaches to jerk stops, waterfalls to music festivals–get the skinny on one of the most captivating islands in the Caribbean. This full color guide paints an essential and vivid overview of the island’s five major beach destinations. Find out about the most beautiful sandy stretches and ideal first-timer excursions, while also exploring a lush Jamaica beyond rum and sun. One where you’ll cool off in waterfalls, hike through jade rivers and leap into blue holes–away from the crowds. You’ll also find the best roadside foods, live Reggae jams and cultural festivals, along with essential travel tips and striking photographs to help you plan a memorable getaway.

"I don't generally buy tourist handbooks but if they were all written like this one I would definitely change my mind. I am a Jamaican and came across this book about Jamaica and I expected the usual superficial read full of inaccuracies... I was soooo wrong! This is a great in-depth review of Jamaica written by someone who not only knows Jamaica well but is genuinely in love with the country. First, don't let the name mislead you. It is about much more than just beaches. Beaches are described but so are restaurants, tours, rivers, waterfalls and attractions."

Disclosure:  Please note that the above direct purchase links to my books are affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, I earn a small commission if you make a book purchase using these links, and it helps supplement the tiny royalties that hard-working guidebook authors receive (smile). Thank you for stopping by and happy planning.